3 lessons the last 3 months have taught me…

We’ve spent a quarter of a year living life in a completely different way; adapting the way we work, the way we socialise, the way we stay fit and healthy. I’ve spent a few days reflecting on what the last 3 months in lockdown have taught me and what I think I have achieved.

What have been my lessons?

1. To slow down and practice some self care

Working from home was busy and most of the time really stressful, but what I haven’t had is the ugly commute during the torrential rain or blistering heat. No 5:45am alarms or 3 hour journeys due to train delays. I guess you can say a lot of us got the gift of time. And in all honesty I’ve used that time more for self care. I have started my love for reading again, I get 8 full hours of sleep, I exercise more than I probably ever have, I’ve tried out new recipes, watched interesting documentaries, spent time with my husband and connected wth new people over social media. There is no pressure of social meetups on the weekends, although I really am missing being able to easily see friends and family! But that pressure has just gone. Life is just simple.


2. Attachment

My attachment to certain things has faded. I’ve learnt that the material things just aren’t important. That short term fulfilment doesn’t create happiness. I want to be doing something of importance. I was working in retail where the attachment to money was the main driving force of the business. They had lost focus of any actual purpose and as a result you just saw a team of people stressed out, exhausted and in a lot of cases really unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, money makes the world go round and without it life really tough. But what is driving you to earn that money. Is it the material purchases or the hope to live a comfortable, meaningful life?

3. The importance of the Black Lives Matter movement

Personally I think the BLM movement began during coronavirus for a specific reason. People are finally giving their time and energy to acknowledge and educate themselves on a different kind of global pandemic. Without the time of lockdown I honestly think that the movement wouldn’t have had as much traction. There is obviously so much work and change that still needs to happen but I think it’s so important to keep that wheel turning. I have carried on my research and education into black history but I know there is more I can do to share the knowledge I am gaining. It starts and home and the conversations I am having are opening up my eyes. I’m planning my next read to be ‘I am Not your Baby mother’ by Candice Braithwaite.

What have I achieved

1. I have made one of the biggest decisions and opted for a better lifestyle.

Friday was my last day at work and the instant relief I felt in my mind and body was really uplifting, it just confirmed that the decision I had made was the right one. I’m still finding my way through what it is I want to do but I feel like I finally have the head space to do that. The confinement of our flat during lockdown really pushed me to make this decision as I was becoming so unhappy in a space that normally lifts me the most. I want to attract positive energy into the space we call our home.

2. I started this blog and found a love for writing.

This has been such a big achievement over the last few months as I have been wanting to share and write for so long. I just didn’t have the confidence or again the time to do it. Or maybe I was just putting it off! Either way, I’ve realised how much I am loving writing. And also connecting with people. I think these are 2 things I want to take forward into my future career.

3. I’ve spent the last 4 weeks on a pescatarian diet.

If anyone had told me 5 years ago that I would be trying this I probably would have laughed in their face! I’ve experimented with new vegetarian and seafood dishes and I’ve noticed a feeling of being lighter and not really even missing it, even when we’ve had BBQs! Oh and I quit crisps this month. That was from way too much self indulgence at the beginning of lockdown! I’m not saying I’ll stay pescatarian forever, but right now its working for me. If i feel I want to eat meat I will, but in moderation.

Tomorrow is a new day and the start of a completely different lifestyle for me. I cant wait to get started!

What has lockdown taught you and what have you achieved? I’d love to hear how you have grown.

P.s You can read more about my journey here and through my Instagram page.

Love to you all

Neelam x

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