Keeping Cool this Summer

I have to admit I missed writing last months blog and was eager to get back to it this month! I’ve been thinking about what would be useful and after speaking with some clients through appointments and Style Calls a big thing that comes up for the summer months is the need to be cool yet covered. When the sun comes out, for some they are ready to get their legs and arms out, but for others they want to keep themselves covered for a whole range of reasons from their own style personality to body confidence and cultural values. For me, when I’m in the UK I love to have bare legs and arms, but within reason. When on holiday I feel a little more free to be more daring. Also taking into account factors such as the ever changing weather in the UK, the need to be professional for work or protecting your skin from over exposure to the sun. 

Does any of this feel familiar? Then don’t worry I have you covered!

Swap your jeans for wider leg trousers or linen trousers

Wider leg trousers, despite a lot of people’s thoughts, actually suit the majority of body shapes. They help to balance out a wider hip or a wider shoulder line and add flow, movement and the illusion of curves. They are also so much more breathable than a skinny or straight fit! 

You often get fun palazzo co ords and linen sets that are perfect for the warmer weather. 

When it comes to linen I’ve often had clients say they don’t like linen due to creasing. If that’s the case try a linen blend option that will hold its shape better and make you look really put together yet cool. You get linen in all sorts of colours which can be a great staple for your spring/summer wardrobe.

Opt for lighter colours

Avoid those dark blacks and navy’s in the heat. If you are going for longer sleeves and covered legs keep them lighter in colour to avoid drawing in the heat. 

There are a gorgeous range of colours our there at the moment. I love putting a rail together for a client for a Spring/Summer wardrobe refresh and seeing their face light up with all of the fun colour options. 

One of my favourites is green! From bright spring greens to cool sage greens, I love the range of tones on the high street!

Go for a midi or maxi length dress/skirt

If you love wearing a dress or skirt but struggle with shorter options try a midi or maxi style. It will allow air to flow and still give you a nice summer feel. Opt for A-line floaty styles to give more flow, movement and to keep you cooler.

Keep one area covered and reveal the other

Waistcoats and strapless tops are all the rage at the moment. If you prefer to show the top half of your body and want to stay on trend these are a great way to show skin in one area while being covered in the other so keeping your cool overall.

Staying true to your capsule wardrobe and adding a few on-trend pieces each season can help you keep your wardrobe fresh without the huge investment. Consciously work in pieces that can be worn in multiple ways to give you versatility.

Go for looser fitting sleeves that allow air to circulate

Tight sleeves can get uncomfortable in high temperatures. Ladies, we all sweat. It’s natural! But there is nothing worse than a tight fitting top and sweat patches! Opt for loser fitting sleeves in a light fabric to keep you aired and cool!

Just because it’s warm it doesn’t mean you need to bare it all if you don’t feel comfortable or it doesn’t reflect your personal style. I’ve had a few clients recently looking for summer pieces done in a modest way and I’ve loved helping them create fun looks that reflect them and make them feel their most confident self. 

Want to know how I can help you? Book in for a free Style Call and lets talk!

Love to you all

Neelam x

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