My 6 Top New Mummy Style Tips!

Hey new Mamma! So you’ve been through this life changing journey and got your beautiful bundle of joy in your arms! Congratulations! And you start to settle into your Mummy role… you might be experiencing some sleepless nights, your body will be healing from delivery and you are learning to juggle your new life! You might be turning to your wardrobe and be completely confused as to how to dress for your new body as well as your new life!

A few weeks ago I reached out to you lovely ladies to find out what some of your top style struggles were as a new Mum. I had so much feedback that I thought I would put together a post and video on some of my top style tips for a new Mummy. First, here are some of the top style struggles you raised:

1. Upper body weight gain

 Especially on the arms meaning you felt conscious wearing anything sleeveless.

2. Excess skin around the stomach

Whether from a natural birth or a C section and finding that jeans would fit at the waist but then be too big on the legs

3. Struggle to find skimming tops

As the boobs swell with milk you find that you need tops that skim the chest and stomach but then also allow easy access to breastfeed while giving a feminine look that isn’t frumpy and drowning your frame

4. You resort to your old maternity styles

You are constantly turning to maternity leggings or joggers as they are the only thing you find comfortable

5. Underwear

You want to find the right underwear that can make you feel good again!

And here are my top style tips to take you from a style conscious Mummy to style happy and get you back to feeling like you!

1. Get to Know Your Body Mummy!

Number one, and so so important is to take the time to get to know your new body before investing in loads of new clothes. Are you losing weight as you begin to breastfeed? Are you noticing new proportions where you once carried weight in one area but now that has changed? Once you know your proportions you can better pick the items that are going to flatter you in all of the right places.

2. Think Foundations First!

So many women, whether new mums or not, underestimate the power of getting your key underwear foundation pieces right! Without the right bras, knickers and shapewear an outfit can go from fabulous to frumpy. Your underwear draw needs a revamp. Remove the maternity styles that were for your once pregnant body and get new flattering, sexy and comfortable styles that work for the new you! We want underwear that makes us feel good, especially after the body has been through so much trauma. But remember to create smooth skimming lines with no VPL seams and supportive bras to help lift your outfit. I would definitely recommend going for a fitting and investing in key pieces.

3. Draw Attention Down the Centre

Where you are more conscious of your arms but still want to wear a sleeveless style try a thicker strap to balance out the proportions. Try to avoid anything tight fitting around the arm and instead go for something a little loser. Avoid any extra details on the arms or things like cap sleeves and instead draw attention to the neckline with narrow v necks and scoop necks or necklaces. This will help draw the eye down the centre line of the body and away from the shoulders and arms. Be careful of where the sleeve finishes and avoid it finishing at the widest part of the arm as this will broaden the arm. Three quarter length sleeves are really flattering as they reveal the slimmest part of the arm.

4. Balance Proportions with Jeans and trousers

When investing in a pair of jeans, think about the proportions you want to create with your body. If you are more top heavy then we need to balance the frame on the bottom so instead of a skinny jean look for options like a straight leg jean or slightly wider. This will help overcome the struggle of the waistband fitting but the legs being obviously loose. Also remember to avoid low rise and instead go for a mid or high rise to give support to the tummy.

If you are struggling with jeans why not try looser fitting trousers with elastic waistbands. Jeans aren’t the only option but a nice pair of tailored trousers with a comfortable waistband can be super flattering and made casual with trainers and a casual sweatshirt.

I would also recommend trying options like dresses and skirts rather than jeans. Wrap dresses allow easy access for breastfeeding and allow you to get a good shape without the uncomfortable band on jeans. While skirts such as a soft A Line Midi skirt can give you a beautiful shape, again without the uncomfortable waist band and having to worry about the leg size being different to the waist size.

5. Easy Access with Wrap Tops & Button Shirts

When looking for tops a wrap style is perfect. It will gently create shape around the top half of the body and then skim the stomach area while allowing easy access for breastfeeding. You get great wrap options in tops and jumpers, perfect as we transition into the colder months. You can also try buttoned shirts which can easily be tucked in different ways into a pair of jeans or worn over fitted leggings to add style but then allow easy access for feeding.

6. Think Comfort with Style

As a new Mummy I can’t begin to understand the level of sleep deprivation and wanting to feel comfortable. I know it can be tempting to turn to your maternity leggings and joggers but try switching these for a new pair of supportive leggings that can be worn with longer sweatshirts or tunics or try elasticated waist trousers to help you lift your mood. Or even a gently soft midi skirt or a buttoned down shirt dress. If you just want to stay cosy in joggers, try a co-ord jogger and sweatshirt set instead. This will help to bring cohesiveness to the outfit and also the monochromatic effect of the same colour or print can be super lengthening and slimming. Try darker shades. But not I don’t mean all black. As we’re moving into autumn winter gorgeous shades like deep purples, navy and forest greens can look stunning. And the darker tones can be elongating and slimming

I hope these tips have been useful! I have so many friends and family members that have often said how difficult it is to style their new body and just come back to themselves. Yes you have a new role as a Mum, but its important to remember who you are and how you want to show up in the world!

P.s don’t forget to check out the Instagram video over on my page and book in for your free Style Call if you want some more help!

Love to you all

Neelam x

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