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I originally wrote this post prior to the events taking place across Russia and Ukraine. My heart hurts to see it and I pray for all those affected and will be supporting in whatever way I can. Overnight thousands of people have fled their homes and have become refugees with the numbers likely to go into the millions. So if there is any way in which you can help I urge you to do so. The work from organisations like Give Your Best is even more crucial. My love and prayers go out to all of those affected.

Your personal style is a great way to make you feel truly empowered. When I work with clients I love seeing their transformation  as they begin to love their body and express their personality through their clothing. However, for some people the opportunity to invest in their personal style doesn’t really exist.

As I began researching and working further in the field I came across Give Your Best, an organisation that has turned donating into gifting, giving those less fortunate the opportunity to choose their clothing and begin to feel empowered through their personal style.

The brand values behind GYB closely mirrored mine, and so we began a beautiful partnership this month! I am so proud to be working with such a charity, turning my passion and love of all things style into a way of giving back to others.

Give Your Best

How you can get involved and/or find out more about Give Your Best

  1. Donate some of your new or pre-loved items. You can find out exactly how to do this here. You have the option of sending the pieces out or finding a local Bestie who can help store and process your items. 
  2. Become a Give Your Bestie and help support the team by sending out clothing to shoppers in the community! You can be based anywhere across the UK to get involved.

Catch the Give Your Best team at my Launch Party on Saturday 12pm March at The Fashion Lounge, Westfield, Shepherds Bush. They will be giving a great introduction into the charity, how you can donate and/or get involved. You’ll also have the opportunity to donate a few pieces on the day!

4. Checkout my IG live with Sol, one of the founders of Give Your Best to learn more about the partnership where we talk all things personal style, colour and gifting.

If you book on for a Wardrobe Declutter with me or you have done your own declutter and want to know the best way to pass on your pre loved items we can also discuss the option of gifting the pieces that no longer work for you so you know they are going to a good home!

I absolutely love the ethos behind the charity and can’t wait for you to meet the team on the 12th March! 

Have any questions? Feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email or DM on social media. Let’s use this space to give back, extend the life cycle and love of a piece of clothing and help those less fortunate feel truly empowered in their personal choice. 

Love to you all

Neelam x

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