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Let’s talk east meets west. When us Personal Stylists talk about your Style Personality we are talking about what you want your style to say about you. How you want to show your unique personality through your style. Over the last few years we have seen a huge emergence of small brands and advocates of fusing your cultures into your personal style. For example, within the South Asian community we have seen the mix and match of key pieces of clothing such as crop tops and skirts with more traditional eastern pieces such as dupattas and saris. This blend of cultures where east meets west in one outfit is a way of achieving and showing your style personality. So thinking about this I thought I would do a round up of some of my fave fusion brands and accounts:

1. Anisha Parmar London

The queen of fusion jewellery, Anisha cleverly and creatively combines both east and west to bring her inspiring pieces to life. They can easily be worn with eastern, western and fusion looks making them super versatile. I love the colour combinations and intricate patterns.

‘Every APL design is rooted in South Asian history, whether it’s a modern take on the traditional jhumka that adorns many a South Asian girl’s ear, or drawing inspiration from the vibrant festivities of Diwali to create unique pieces that reflect the diyas (lamps) that light up the homes and streets.’

2. More Me Fashion Brand

Fusing eastern colours with western tailoring, More Me Fashion proudly showcases the dual heritage of its owner Roma.

The latest collection from More Me includes striking colours and effortless styles that can be interchanged between your western and eastern wardrobes. One thing I love about this brand is that they bring some of the gorgeous fabric from India but are able to support local trade by conducting all manufacturing in the UK.

3. By Sharan

By Sharan was born with the aim of creating modern Indian clothing combining both east and west and making items interchangeable. Sharan’s delicate production including finishing touches and finishes all take place in her London studio meaning you get a unique made to order piece that has so much love and attention.

Pieces such as this bralette can be worn across occasions and cultures to bring an extra something to your outfit. To top it off any excess fabric is repurposed into smaller items such as scrunchies to reduce waste.

4. The Naked Laundry

A firm favourite among many, The Naked Laundry has a simple style fusing eastern and western looks. I love the clean lines and muted tones that can add that touch of femininity to any look.

You might have spotted one of Nikita’s pieces on the popular show Emily in Paris! She wore the petal cami in cream.

These pieces are great staples that can easily be worn between eastern and western events.

These are a handful of my favourite brands advocating for east and west fusion. As and when I find more I’ll make sure to share them through socials and my newsletter. And if you need some inspo on how to mix and match from your eastern and western wardrobe I have some pics and reels over on my Insta account and would also highly recommend these accounts…

Accounts Promoting East Meets West

  1. StyleSils – the sister-in-law duo who refashion outfits creating east meets west looks
  2. Anjlis LookBook – popular content creator giving you all the top desi style and fashion tips
  3. Vidhya – petite style blogger from Houston who is my ultimate reel queen!

In the past my wardrobe for my western clothing never really merged with my ethnic pieces. But I love to see this new identity waking waves into our style personalities and creating a new east meets west style!

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Oh and watch out next month for my feature in Eastern Eye talking about this exact topic and introducing you further to one of these amazing brands

Love to you all

Neelam x

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