Lets get back to basics! After being away for three months I’ve come back with the biggest urge to refresh and update my wardrobe. Your personal style is a huge reflection of who you are and over the last few years I’ve noticed a big change in my creativity, my values, my purpose and who I want to show up as. And i want to reflect this all through my personal style. But before getting carried away and impulse buying endless pieces I’ve gone all the way back to my basics. 

Here are 5 things I’m investing in over the next few months to get my wardrobe ready for a slow and sustainable transition to the next version of me.

1. Socks

This last week has been beyond freezing! My poor feet were struggling so I did a huge cull of my sock drawer. Any pieces faded, holey, sagging etc were added to a recycle pile. I’m finding the best place to give these pieces so that they can be recycled for their materials instead of ending in landfill.

Basic pieces like socks not only keep you warm but can be a fun element to compliment your outfit. Think bright colours and fun prints. I also love a good white sock to wear with trainers. 

2. Underwear & Pyjamas

Now your underwear is one of THE most important pieces to make an outfit come together. Investing in good quality bras and knickers along with some good lingerie sets will not only make your clothes sit well, but will also make you feel so sexy and confident in your body! I’d definitely recommend going for a fitting at your local store. M&S is one of my faves and their range of lingerie is always fun and sexy with the great practical pieces too. I’ve made a list of the pieces I need by category and now will slowly invest in them over the next few months.

They also have a great range of pyjamas to keep you cosy at night!

3. Thermals

I know temperatures seem to be peaking a little but its always worth having some good quality basic thermals in your drawer. My favourite place for these in Uniqlo. Their HeatTech range has great legging and top options that can easily be layered under your winter pieces. They perfectly absorb and retain heat to keep you seriously warm. Their leggings are the best I have tried, thin yet so warm and they wash really well. They come in a range of colours and sizes to compliment any outfit and also have options in socks and hats too.

4. White Trainers

I can’t live without a good white trainer. They are one of the biggest basic staples for any wardrobe. Now I have a long list on my Pinterest board of all of the trainers I want, but after wearing my last white pair to their death, I had to start with a good white trainer first. 

So this month I invested in a pair of Nike Air Force Ones. A perfect classic white trainer that will go with pretty much anything and a basic that won’t really go out of style. There are plenty of other white trainer options such as the classic Veja, a high top white Converse, a more retro New Balance style… the options are endless. Find a pair that fits with you and your style and that can be worn in multiple ways.

5. Leggings/loungewear

Leggings aren’t for everyone. But a good pair of basic leggings or a good loungewear set is perfect for those slower days from home. Leggings can equally be dressed up with a blazer to elevate the look. They are a great basic and available in so many colours and patterns. 

My new go to for leggings is Love Leggings. They have a great range of styles and the best part is that they come in different leg lengths! I sometimes struggle with the length as I’m on the petite side. So the fact that these come in different lengths is a game changer! They also have good winter options with fleece lining and gym options too. I have my eye on quite a few colour ways.

So these are some key basic staples I’m investing in mindfully and slowly over the next few months. There are a few other basics I need too, I’ll save those for another post, but I’m mindful of my time and budget that I have to invest. 

With this I’ve also been thinking about another side of my personal style which is my haircare and skincare. 


This month I’ve been sure to invest in a good hair oil, check out the Deeper Moment Hair Oil from Reika Botanics. I’m looking for deeper scalp nourishment, healthy growth where my hair has thinned and overall healthier looking and feeling hair. My hair makes a big statement of who I am, and when it started to show signs of thinning it knocked my confidence. So I’m taking the time to invest in it to restore its health.


Then when it comes to skincare the cold weather plus the elements from my travels left my face feeling pretty dry, unhealthy and in need of some tlc. I invested in the Regena C20 Vitamin C Serum and Organic Jojoba Oil O2 from Face Theory. They also threw in a freebie of the Vitamin C Cream Cleanser C1 which I’m trying out. After just a few days of use I’ve already noticed my skin feeling brighter, more supple and hydrated! To compliment this I also opted for the Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Serum Skinscreen. This version has a glow to it which I love. I often have make up free days to let my skin breath so the natural glow is welcomed! 

Next on my list for skincare is a good under eye cream along with a good moisturiser and retinol. Hit me up with your recommendations! 

So there it is, the 5 basics to start with in your wardrobe and a few other hair and skincare bits to try. 

My approach to my wardrobe with this new transition is to be really mindful with my purchases, invest in quality, buy less and shift my style to the new me. It’s such a fun process which may take me a little while but I’m ready for the challenge! What are your capsule wardrobe basics? Let me know in the comments below. Are you looking to get to grips with your wardrobe? Why not check out my Wardrobe Declutter package to see how I can help.

Love to you all

Neelam x

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