Colour Me In – My Top Colour High Street Picks!

Well hey there, Merry Christmas! I hope you had/are having the most special time celebrating with your loved ones!

If you follow me on socials you’ll see we did a colour a day countdown to the big Christmas day! Thank you to all of you that joined in, commented and interacted. I really enjoyed sharing some of the power of colour and how we can incorporate it into our outfits! 

To finish off the series, here’s a round up of the 10 colours we wore and some of my top picks from the high street!


What can you wear orange with?

💙 It’s Complimentary colour is Blue which sits opposite it on the colour wheel

💚💜 Or try a Triadic colour scheme of orange, green and purple!

🔶️ I love wearing pops of colour of orange in my shoes and accessories!🔶️


Purple can be worn with a range of colours like:

💛 Yellow, it’s complementary colour! Look out for this combination in prints and patterns

🧡💚 Or try Purple in a triadic colour scheme with orange and green! It can be such a fun and vibrant combination

💕 and not to forget Pink for that ultimate sexy and feminine look!


🏴 I’ve been through many years of turning to black because I didn’t know what else to wear. However now for me black screams elegance, drama, sophistication and class! I love an all black outfit especially when I can bring in pops of colour.

🐈‍⬛ But did you know that depending on your colour season black might not actually suit your temperament and can actually be ageing!


What would I wear blue with?

🍊 Try it with Orange, its complementary colour! I love this combination together, its vibrancy and personality

⭐💕 Or mix it with accents of yellow and pink, it can give such a tropical feel!

💚 And my other favourite combo is Blue with Green. As they sit next to each other on the colour wheel they harmonise really well together!


🎗 Guilty, I don’t really wear yellow. I’ve never been drawn to the colour but it does give off a good energy and brightness, reminding me of sunshine and good times!

🎗 Yellow is a colour of happiness and optimism, creativity and spring!

🎗If like me you don’t wear too much yellow, try it in your accessories to bring a pop of colour, sunshine and joy!


How to wear pink?

💚 Try it with Green, it’s complementary colour

💙🧡 Or mix with blue and orange for a triadic colour scheme!

❤ Would you dare to try it with red? There are no rules that they can’t go well together!


❔I love the sparkle of silver sometimes but did you know your overall complexion is more likely to suit one or the other.

▫For me Silver screams glamour and sophitication.

▫I sometimes wear it in my accessories like shoes and bags and once in a while in my jewellery.


🚩Red reminds me of passion, love, danger and excitement!

❣It has emotional connotations of intensity and drama and can’t be missed!

💋 We often see red in beauty choices like lipstick and nail varnish but would you wear it in your outfit?


🌟 Gold…. oppoulence, luxury, status!

What does gold mean to you?

💰 Gold has connatations of wealth and riches but also knowledge and power!

🌟 Gold has a warmth to it so depending on your complexion you may find you suit either Gold or Silver more.


💚 Green for me relates to earthing, feeling connected to nature and grounded in who I am .

💚 So what does green represent? Green can represent intelect and peace while having a power to it.

💚 It can also show healing, freshness and quality! What brands do you know that choose green?

Remember that colour can be worn from head to toe, in one area or in accent pieces through your accessories. You can mix and match complementary colours together to create fun outfits of colour and help express you and your personality! Let’s strike a change, move away from the neutrals and begin to embrace colour!

And if you are interested in learning more about the colours that suit you, why not book in for The Mini: Find Your Style Package where we look at all things colour, body shape and style personality!

Love to you all

Neelam x

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