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With the Spring season in full flow the shops are filled with gorgeous prints and patterns! Coming in different sizes, colours, intensities etc, prints can sometimes be tricky to build into different outfits in a classic way that still reflect you and your personality. So i’ve got a run down of my top 5 prints and patterns along with 4 easy ways to style them. All images taken from Pinterest. 

1. Stripes

I LOVE a stripe. Horizontal for a nautical feel or an elongating vertical stripe, the options are really endless with how a stripe can be added into your wardrobe. You can go for a classic horizontal stripe in a black or blue and white or add colour through stripes. When wearing a horizontal stripe think about the area you want to broaden as that’s exactly what that kind of stripe does visually. If you want less of a broadening effect try a thin stripe over a thick stripe. 

Something like a basic striped Tee can be layered under jumpsuits, dresses, shirts etc to lift an outfit and add a touch of personality. I find them super classic working for almost any personality type. 

If you are looking to lengthen your frame, a vertical stripe will do exactly that! I’ve seen some gorgeous striped shirts in blues, greens and pinks! Vertical stripes on the bottom will also make your legs go on for days!

2. Polka Dots

Polka dot are such a fun print. These often come in different colour variations and sizes. If you are petite I would recommend scaling down on the size of the dots to avoid them swamping you. 

Polka dots add a sense of playfulness and can even be added in smaller quantities through pieces like scarves and scrunchies giving a real youthfulness.

3. Florals

Hello my romantic florals! Nothing screams romanticism more. Floral prints make me think of summer parties in the garden sipping on pimms! The thing with florals is each style can be so unique. And if you aren’t mad for an all over look, then even detailing through a scarf or bag can help you add that floral edge. 

If you want to add colour a floral print is a great way of adding multiple colours without having to think about if they go or not. The hard work has already been done for you in the print.

4. Check or Gingham

I’ve spotted some fun gingham pieces around that give you a checked overhaul. I love gingham because of the texture in the fabric. Checks can have a bit of a shortening effect so if you are more petite it’s something to watch out for. 

You can go for a classic colour way like black and white or play with colour variations and print sizes. 

5. Animal

For my dramatic or creative girls the animal print comes in so many options from a leopard print to a zebra or a snake skin effect. Elements can often be added through belts or shoes for a subtle effect or for something more dramatic go for a full outfit. 

Animal prints like leopard and zebra have definitely more into capsule wardrobe neutrals and can be paired easily with other staples along with lots of colour variations. 

Are you daring for an animal print?

Now how do we create outfits with these prints?

Print/Pattern and Plain

For my print and pattern virgins the easiest way to wear a print or pattern is by pairing it with your plain classics. The print will do all the talking, the eye will be drawn all the way there and basically you can’t go wrong!

Try a classic pair of jeans, a neutral longline blazer or your favourite biker jacket. If you have a capsule wardrobe, adding in one or two pops of print and pattern can freshen up your more plain and classic basics. 

Print on Print

Feeling daring? Try pairing print with print. How about polka dots with stripes, or florals with stripes? An easy way to do this is to look for complementary or the same colour that appears in both prints. This can make the look fun yet easy on the eye. I found so much inspiration for this!

Print with Metallic

Metallics add a touch of something else. I spotted some silver jeans in Jigsaw the other day and literally fell in love. Pairing with an animal print brings the real drama! BUt metallics will work with any print and definitely create a show stopper look that can be kept casual or dressed up.

Prints work for every style personality and can really lift a wardrobe. What’s your favourite print and how do you wear it? Want to learn how to find your true Style Personality? Book in for a FREE 20 minute Style Call to see how I can help you.

Love to you all

Neelam x

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